Shirley Hou – Meyerland, TX & Founder of Home Elevation Group

There are two major lifting companies and I went to open houses of both. Right after the P3 presentation, I spoke with Wayne Fairley, who is one of the owners. I felt very comfortable with how he explained the process. I liked how the company has a long history of lifting, the engineering and equipment are not subbed out. Working with P3 helped alleviate a lot of stress in the construction project. There are a lot of designs & permits that have to be coordinated with various other agencies, like the City of Houston, insurance companies, and whatnot and it really helped to have a professional company coordinate all of that. P3 does great work, they will take you from design to the lift and follow-up construction. You can depend on them to do quality work and to be communicative with you and straightforward and honest.