J. Masters – Dickinson, TX

I had a very positive experience with the elevation process of our bayhouse. The lead on our elevation project was Joe Fairley. He and Chad Jonassen and their crew did an outstanding job from start to finish in raising our 2,000 square foot, 2 story structure. Mr. Fairley’s years of experience truly came to light when all the other contractors bidding on the project were adamant that the slab was insufficient to support the house and would have to be separated before the structure could be lifted. But, Joe maintained that the slab was sufficient and could be raised with the house. Chad Jonassen and his team elevated the home just over 9 ft with accuracy and precision.

Mr. Fairley kept me apprised of the progress every step of the way. The preparation in elevating the house was incredible, and the actual raising was flawless, truly remarkable to witness. I was so impressed with the work this crew did, that I have recommended Joe, Chad, and their team to many others in the Galveston County SRL program and wanted to share my support or this exceptional team to that needing assistance in Guadalupe County.


J. Masters