Diana Kilmer – Nassau Bay, TX

“I did everyone’s homework for them. I went to, don’t know how many houses in Nassau Bay are raised but I knocked on about 70% of them and talked to all the people. I got negative input for two of the three competitors and I did not get any negative input for P3. Then I went to the meeting where the presentations went forward. I felt very comfortable with P3.”

“My objective in raising my house was communication, quality, and timeline. If those 3 objectives were met and I was comfortable with the people – that is what made me make my decision for P3.”

“I watched my neighbor get raised by a competitor and I was not impressed. They struggled.”

“I was impressed with P3. They did a great job and I would refer them. I had their supervisor’s contact information, they were onsite daily, the staff was friendly and clean. We wanted some special things done which probably made it harder for P3, but we worked through all that and I was happy.  The city inspectors like P3 because of their quality of work.  Quality was great, timeline met even with the tropical depression.”  Diana Kilmer – Nassau Bay