PROJECT HIGHLIGHT – 279 Waltons Way Seguin, TX

Outsmarting The Guadalupe River With Style

This is a beautiful large square foot home located at 279 Waltons Way, Seguin, TX.

This combination pier & beam/slab home sits in close proximity to the Guadalupe River in Seguin, Texas. P3 lifted the home 12.9 feet to account for the flood risk created by the river while taking great care in designing a great recreational breezeway space that adds to the character of the home.

As a high elevation home (6+ feet), is surrounded by those beautiful, high-quality cascading staircases that P3 is known for.



1,560 sq ft

Seguin, TX

12.9 ft elevation

Slab/Pier & Beam

Close Proximity To Guadalupe River

Lift Adds Breezeway Recreational Space


BEFORE Waltons Way SeguinAFTER Waltons Way Seguin