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Planet Three Elevation
Planet Three Elevation is in Harris County, Texas.4 weeks ago
Harris County, Texas
P3 lifted this beautiful Nassau Bay home and constructed a new foundation, enclosure wall, restored utilities, and temporary stairs. The successful elevation enabled the homeowners to confidently proceed with remodeling and exterior finishes. https://p3elevation.com/before-and-after-gallery/ #raisemyhome #elevatingpeaceofmind
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Planet Three Elevation
Planet Three Elevation2 months ago
Orange County received federal grants to elevate homes to avoid future flooding. P3 lifted the first homes in the first grant this month with more coming soon. The next steps are to construct skirt walls and stairs. We're glad to be working in Orange County! https://p3elevation.com/
#elevatingpeaceofmind #flood #elevatedhomes #liftedhomes
Planet Three Elevation
Planet Three Elevation2 months ago
In just 25 days, P3 elevated this Galveston home to be high and dry above flood levels. We demolished the existing foundation, elevated the home 10 feet, and constructed a windstorm-compliant foundation. Call P3 for a home elevation assessment today. https://p3elevation.com/
#elevatingpeaceofmind #flood #elevatedhomes #liftedhomes
Planet Three Elevation
Planet Three Elevation2 months ago
An elevated tiny house is a new way to quickly build a home!
P3 lifted this shipping container, allowing the family coastal views and peace of mind, high and dry above potential floods.

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Planet Three Elevation
Planet Three Elevation2 months ago
Foundation issues?
P3 solution is: Non-invasive, No holes, No disruption, No dust, No jackhammering, and No floor removal inside your home.
P3 was delighted to provide foundation services for this beautiful historic home in central Houston. Stop further damage to your home. Call today for a free quote. #houseleveling #foundationrepair #houselevelinghouston #elevatingpeaceofmind Learn more: p3elevation.com/houston-foundation-leveling-concrete-slab-pier-beam
Planet Three Elevation
Planet Three Elevation3 months ago
For this coastal home, P3 elevated it by 8 feet to stop flooding and also solved for a durable solution that adds value and usability for the family.
#elevatingpeaceofmind #flood #elevatedhomes #liftedhomes
Houston House Elevation Texas - Planet Three


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