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Planet Three Elevation raises homes and businesses
above the floodplain, keeping you high and dry forever!

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Is Your Home In A Floodway? Are You In A Waterfront Home? Are You In A Flood-Prone Area?

Planet Three Elevation raises homes and large structures from their current position up to 25 feet higher.
By building a new foundation under your home, it is supported permanently at the new height to keep you high and dry forever.

We specialize in slab home elevations and pier and beam home elevations.

Our team provides all services needed to make your home move-in ready
without the fear of damage to your pier and beam home or slab home.

Along with our professional and knowledgeable team, we also provide a structural warranty.

Concrete Slab
Home Elevation

Houston House Lifting Contractors in Houston

There is a common misconception that you cannot elevate a slab home safely without damage. It can be done, but it does take an expert on this type of elevation to prevent damage.

Elevating structures that are on grade (on the ground) or already above grade is routine for us. This is where a slab home typically resides. More than 90% of the time we elevate one and two-story residences that are sitting on a slab at or below ground level.

Most elevations lift the house in one piece; that is, the entire slab is raised and all of the structure above the slab is lifted without disruption or modification.

Safely Lift Your Slab Home

Our teams elevate structures using the Unified Jacking Method. Unified jacking enables large, heavy structures to be lifted intact as one piece. We do this by providing continuous points of structural support so the risk of damage to the structure is very low.

Houston Slab House Lifting - Unified Jacking Method - How to lift a house

Pier and Beam
Home Elevation

Pier and Beam Home Elevation Bellaire Texas

Pier and Beam foundations are common in houses built in areas where soil conditions aren’t ideal for concrete slab foundations. In Texas, you see this type of foundation often in coastal, river, and lakeside homes like you see with vacation homes in Galveston, Texas.

Instead of resting directly on a concrete slab, the home is elevated on concrete pilings or wooden posts that allow for the coastal or river water to run freely beneath it.

Just like with concrete slab home raising, pier and beam foundations are elevated using our Unified Jacking System to prevent damage. We can even lift multi-level pier and beam homes, with beautiful cascading decks and stairs.

Beach House Elevation

Pier and Beam Home | Lifting House Foundation

Pier & Beam Brick House Elevation

Brick pier and beam home elevation

Your Investment Matters To P3

Our team at Planet Three will work diligently to help prevent future loss caused by flooding for your family and business.

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House Lifting Bellaire Texas | Lift a home in Kingwood Texas

Elevating Peace of Mind

By choosing P3 for your home elevation, you can be sure that you are partnered with a business that has a primary focus on safety and the protection of your elevated structure, while still maintaining the aesthetics of your home.

We take great care in the process of raising your home.

Home Elevation Process | Bellaire Texas Home Elevation Company

We are experienced slab house raising experts.
Watch P3 lift this concrete slab home 16 feet higher

Non-Intrusive Structure Elevation

Brazoria County Foundation House Lifting Elevation

We elevate structures using non-intrusive methods.

The home or business is not disrupted.

There are no holes created in the slab.

There are no holes made in the walls.

Your contents do not have to be removed, packed, or secured.

The process of elevating a home or raising a business is usually completed within a few weeks after permits are granted.

For lifts of under 6 feet, homeowners are typically out of their homes for only 5-10 days during the entire process.

Structural Warranty

House Elevation Lifetime Structural Warranty - Planet Three & StrucSure

P3 stands behind the three values of Proven, Precise, and Professional

We offer peace of mind through our decades of house lifting experience, but we also offer structural warranty options. 

P3 home warranties cover structural, mechanical, and workmanship of the finished project.

Contact us for more information.

New Home Elevation

Was your new home built too low?

Contact us for more information. 

Aegis General Insurance Agency
Department of Homeland Security FEMA
StrucSure Lifetime Warranty
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