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Learn more about home elevation, home reconstruction, and elevated new homes from P3 contractors who have been elevating homes in Texas for over 25 years.

We have a large team and a large fleet of company-owned home elevation equipment. Our process enables us to begin many projects each week and work each one through the construction sequence within about 60 days after permitting.

Our permitting team typically needs 7 to 30 days, depending on the jurisdiction.

Specialty buildings will require a longer engineering period.

The cost of elevating a house is mostly linear with the home slab size. We can provide a detailed estimate for your home elevation. Contact Us Now

Utility and plumbing restoration, stairs, steps, landings and decks, and a decorative foundation wall are additional costs that may be assessed. There won’t be any hidden costs.

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We provide turn-key services for most projects and everything needed for a complete elevation.

No problem. We expect to find 2-10 of the 100 most common issues and we efficiently solve them all. We’ll bring to your attention anything of particular concern or cost before we start.

Two possibilities. If your home receives a “Substantial Damage” designation from your city or county, or you have repetitive flood claims, you will likely qualify for an ICC (Increased Cost of Compliance) grant of about $30,000. This is not a recovery grant, it is a prevention grant. We can help. Other grants are rare. FMA (Flood Mitigation Assistance) and HMGP (Hazard Mitigation Grant Program) grants require city or county sponsorship and must survive a multi-year justification and elimination process.

How to file for ICC Grants (Increased Cost of Compliance)

ICC Grant Qualification Checklist

Hazard Mitigation Grant Program

Yes. We can refer you to lenders who commonly make elevation loans.

Houston Slab House Lifting - Unified Jacking Method - Planet Three Elevation

We use the state-of-the-art Unified Jacking System to elevate the entire slab. (and a lot of preparation and care.)

TIP: DO NOT let anyone punch holes in your slab and DO NOT let anyone separate the walls from the slab. If the house is gutted, this “slab separation” method is okay.

If it’s already remodeled/repaired, separating walls and slab will not be cost effective. These outdated methods can have a ton of hidden costs and require more time before you can settle in.

Make sure you have a highly detailed list of deliverables and final costs before you sign or pay anything. Do not be pressured into hasty action. A sound process yields a sound elevation experience.

No. Some jurisdictions will not issue a repair/remodel permit until you are elevated above the floodplain. If you’re allowed, we encourage you to do all things necessary to restore your home life. The elevation process is non-intrusive and no contents need to be removed.

  1. Elevation costs are a fraction of replacing the structure with new construction
  2. The frustration of future flooding is mitigated
  3. Lower insurance rates
  4. Updated plumbing today and easy plumbing repair (or relocation) in the future
  5. Temporary living costs are reduced since elevation can be quickly completed
  6. No future foundation work. The deep foundation is no longer subject to soil movements.
  7. For lifts over about 9.5 feet, parking, storage, and patio space are provided.

Most homes have cracks in the slab. Our team identifies the slab condition, manages the variables, and provides solutions. This IS NOT a barrier to home elevation.

P3 precision and engineering ensures long-term durability and a structural warranty.

Our team members have elevated and moved large structures like lighthouses, convenience stores, and multi-level homes over 6,000 sq ft. We’ve successfully lifted large homes over 17 feet higher.

The amount of time it takes varies with the home. Many homes take a week or two for the process of preparing for the elevation and the actual elevation. There are other variables that may affect the timeline, like permitting, financing, weather, and special structures that may take more time. If it is a grant home elevation project, the grant application and approval process adds to the timeline, as well. The grant approval timelines are something that we cannot control.

With most home elevations (3 to 6 feet higher), homeowners are displaced for only a few days to allow for new plumbing installation and modification. Higher lifts require 30-45 days to build and cure the concrete foundation.

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Removing your home from the risk of flooding is a sound investment. Flood insurance premiums are greatly reduced. Elevation is less costly than rebuilding and may eliminate costs for sewer pipe retrofit, foundation leveling, and other repairs or maintenance needs.

P3 precision and experience with unified jacking and structural elevation consistently delivers lifted homes with great care. It’s like lifting a cake from the bakery to the table; it’s pristine after the move.

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