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Chevron Dayton, Texas Flood Mitigation and Elevation Project

There are many cases that can be made in favor of various types of flood mitigation for your business. Some commercial locations might need only drainage changes, but others might not have the ability to mitigate in these smaller ways.

Westside Chevron in Dayton, Texas experienced repeated flooding for decades.  Storms like Allison, Harvey, Imelda, and others challenged their ability to rebuild and recover without significant loss. After consulting with our team, we were able to offer this small business a solution that could save them the heartache of yet another setback.
Not only was P3 able to elevate their building 5 feet, but the pump area and parking lot are also elevated. In addition to the mitigation steps taken, we moved their C-Store back 35 feet to allow for immediate fuel business expansion.


Chevron Convenience Store | Gas Station Flooding | Lift Commercial StructureCommercial Building Movers Texas
We were able to accomplish six goals through this commercial building elevation project:
  1. Flood elimination
  2. Expansion of business
  3. Allowed for highway widening
  4. Lower cost than rebuilding
  5. Decreased time of business disruption and decrease revenue impact
  6. Simplified engineering and permitting requirements
Owner Mike Amin says the project fulfilled his objectives of flood mitigation at a fraction of rebuilding costs. The original plan was just to lift the building but Mike collaborated with P3 to develop a plan for moving the building and expanding the business at the same time. Mike is pleased that all his objectives were fulfilled and he can now focus on growing the business
These are a few of the many ways that our engineers, construction, and consulting team can make a difference for your small business.

Our team may be able to prevent future flooding and help eliminate the need for a repetitive recovery process and lost business from that downtime.

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