P3 Completes 1st Brazoria County HMGP Reconstruction Home and Lifts 11 [Press Release]

Brazoria County HMGP Reconstruction Home

June 14, 2021

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Home elevation company, Planet Three Elevation (P3) completed the first reconstruction home in the Brazoria County Texas HMGP Grant Program and has elevated eleven other homes since February 2021.

Brazoria County, TX, June 14, 2021 – Planet Three Elevation recently completed the first reconstruction home in the Brazoria County HMGP Grant Program and has also elevated 11 homes since the program began in February 2021.

As a FEMA qualified contractor, Planet Three Elevation was approved to reconstruct or elevate multiple homes in the Brazoria County Hazard Mitigation Grant Program. The work is sponsored by Brazoria County with FEMA funding administered by the TDEM (Texas Department of Emergency Management). The HMGP grant (Hazard Mitigation Grant Program) is helping communities prepare for future storms and flooding events by ensuring the home’s floor is higher than flood level. P3 has placed the families in new or elevated, flood-resistant homes in time for the 2021 hurricane season. P3 expects to elevate hundreds of homes in the program.

“We are forever grateful for Brazoria County, GrantWorks, and our contractor P3 Elevation for their persistence in getting the funding to raise our home up out of harm’s way. After rebuilding our home twice due to flooding, the last thing we wanted was to have a home under construction again but P3 Elevation made it all worth it. They have given us peace of mind. We no longer have to worry about rising water destroying our home”
– Laura Thoede, Angleton, TX

A “reconstruction” included demolition of the existing structure and reconstruction of a brand new 3 bedroom 2 bathroom elevated flood-proof home. P3’s new flood-proof homes are one and two stories ranging in size from 800-3,600 square feet; built to standards specified by the FEMA HMGP Reconstruction Grant, International Residential Building Code, and Texas Windstorm Association. Home reconstruction takes place on the same site where the original home existed and is elevated above historical flood water levels. This P3 home is the first of any grant reconstruction homes to be completed in the Brazoria County HMGP program which started in February 2021. Construction time was 68 days from the demolition of the old home to the move-in-ready new home.

Since February, P3 has also elevated 11 homes and built permanent foundations under them. The homes range in height from three to ten feet and in size from 1800 – 3800 square feet. The work included elevated homes, garages, porches, patios, additions and included construction of several ramped driveways which maintain access to integrated garages. P3 built stairs and ADA-compliant lifts (Vertical Platform Lifts) when appropriate. The home elevation process begins with excavation, pile foundation construction, unified-jacking lift, structural wall, utility restoration, landings, and stairs.

About Planet Three Elevation
Planet Three Elevation is the Gulf Coast’s leading home elevation provider. With offices in Houston and Dickinson, Texas, their team has elevated hundreds of homes since Hurricane Harvey and moved over 2000 structures since 1994. Learn more about Planet Three Elevation at: www.p3elevation.com or contact them at: 281-826-9799

About the Brazoria County Grant Home Elevation Program
FEMA awarded more than $8.9 million to Brazoria County, through the Texas Division of Emergency Management, to fund the elevation of 70 flood-prone homes as part of FEMA’s Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) initially with a commitment to provide additional funds in the future. This hazard mitigation project is part of FEMA’s long-term commitment to help Texas and its communities recover from Harvey and become more resilient. Learn More: FEMA awards $8.9 million to Brazoria County to elevate 70 flood-prone homes | FEMA.gov