15 Homes in 150 Days – Brazoria County HMGP


P3 Lifts/Reconstructs 15 homes in 150 days during the Brazoria County HMGP Home Elevation Grant Program

P3 provided leadership to the program in Round 1 and set the standard for quality construction. We elevated 15 of 21 homes, with 100% homeowner satisfaction. P3 embraces the challenges and details with a purpose to satisfy the needs of all stakeholders.

In addition to the 15 homes in Brazoria County, P3 has also completed several other home elevations in the Gulf Coast area in that same timeframe.

Over the last 12 months, P3’s extended team has worked tirelessly to make the flood mitigation program good for all. We’re very proud of the durable and attractive work product and the integrity with which we deliver.