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    We find most homeowners have many questions about the home elevation process, project costs, and funding. You should expect a friendly consultation (at no cost) which covers all your questions.

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    We will contact you as soon as possible. Due to Hurricane Harvey, our response times are​ much​ longer than usual. ​We apologize! ​We ​are working to get information to as many people as possible so they can make decisions about their home. We have plenty of construction capacity; our​ backlog is only​ in our​ communications. We strongly caution that you should get a detailed list of deliverables before signing any contact. Sound process will yield a sound outcome. Thank you for your patience and we look forward to a personal consultation as soon as possible.  Please also see answers to our Frequently Asked Questions.

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    If available, could you please attach documents to enable an initial analysis? It's helpful if we can get a survey, elevation certificate, floor plan or other structural documents (if available). File Size Limit: 1 MB.